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Elite Division Race Results

Elite Division

Click on one of the titles below to review the race results for that subdivision. To close section, simply click on the title again. Quickly find your team’s statistics by entering your team name in the search box to filter.

Rankings are based first upon the total number of checkpoints completed. In case of a tie, total time to complete race (ie: time to make it back to the finish line) is factored in.

Elite Division: COED
PlaceBib #Team Name# of CheckpointsStart TimeFinish TimeTotal Time
11037I Heart South Bend268:00:00 AM11:11:00 AM3:11
21009Zoo Keepers268:00:00 AM11:21:10 AM3:21
31070Ain't Worth the Whiskey268:00:00 AM11:49:51 AM3:49
41089michiganboyles268:00:00 AM11:56:16 AM3:56
51001Slippery When Wet268:00:00 AM11:58:09 AM3:58
61055Awa Tador Kyam268:00:00 AM12:01:01 PM4:01
71050Simonton Lakers268:00:00 AM12:03:05 PM4:03
81018Pound Cake248:00:00 AM12:32:17 PM4:32
91045Galatians 6:7238:00:00 AM11:50:38 AM3:50
101083Knights of the Heights238:00:00 AM12:05:18 PM4:05
111071Hermaphrobike238:00:00 AM12:10:36 PM4:10
121079Lemiwink's Great Adventure238:00:00 AM12:12:41 PM4:12
131125Brad & Katie238:00:00 AM12:14:25 PM4:14
141100Doctor Kirwinning238:00:00 AM12:28:13 PM4:28
151066Experience228:00:00 AM12:00:42 PM4:00
161080Insert Creative Team Name Here228:00:00 AM12:13:15 PM4:13
171036StevAles218:00:00 AM12:05:48 PM4:05
181082The Boz218:00:00 AM12:20:54 PM4:20
191065Mike&Ali208:00:00 AM12:03:57 PM4:03
201005The Cereal Killers198:00:00 AM11:53:07 AM3:53
211010Wild Stallions198:00:00 AM11:53:11 AM3:53
221029Jack nuts198:00:00 AM11:55:35 AM3:55
231102Team Beat Jason and Lexi198:00:00 AM12:01:22 PM4:01
241025Team Michelson198:00:00 AM12:01:23 PM4:01
251049Ludicrous Speed198:00:00 AM12:10:22 PM4:10
261023Team Mabry198:00:00 AM12:10:46 PM4:10
271024McCannaRama198:00:00 AM12:29:44 PM4:29
281086Rice Krissy188:00:00 AM11:52:27 AM3:52
291032Flying Dutchmen188:00:00 AM11:59:06 AM3:59
301084Chaura188:00:00 AM12:00:00 PM4:00
311061188:00:00 AM12:07:14 PM4:07
321012Neighboring Racers188:00:00 AM12:17:23 PM4:17
331081Part-time Athletes188:00:00 AM12:18:12 PM4:18
341076Mexibillies188:00:00 AM12:22:42 PM4:22
351007urban strykers178:00:00 AM11:53:21 AM3:53
361015The Smiths178:00:00 AM12:02:08 PM4:02
371003Vigor178:00:00 AM12:10:17 PM4:10
381014Aaat It Again178:00:00 AM12:13:02 PM4:13
391056The Avengers178:00:00 AM12:16:37 PM4:16
401075Howe'd we get here?178:00:00 AM12:16:51 PM4:16
411067Energy168:00:00 AM11:58:20 AM3:58
421020MannUp168:00:00 AM12:02:35 PM4:02
431095ONE and A HALF STAR RECRUITS168:00:00 AM12:04:44 PM4:04
441019Kitten Mittens168:00:00 AM12:34:01 PM4:34
451093We Don't Sweat, We Glisten!168:00:00 AMN/A#VALUE!
461078RaeJay158:00:00 AM11:59:00 AM3:59
471040MarkleMania148:00:00 AM12:13:23 PM4:13
481052Subito Adgressus (Attack the Moment)138:00:00 AM12:05:35 PM4:05
491099Cross Creek Crazies128:00:00 AM11:01:00 AM3:01
511039Dumptruck118:00:00 AM12:01:00 PM4:01
521017Weisinators8:00:00 AM
531057CrossFit 061 - Urankar Team8:00:00 AM
541092Team Panda8:00:00 AM
Elite Division: FEMALE/FEMALE
PlaceBib #Team Name# of CheckpointsStart TimeFinish TimeTotal Time
11064Atomic blondes268:00:00 AM12:24:34 PM4:24
21059partners in crime248:00:00 AM12:01:30 PM4:01
31085NL CountryRoaders248:00:00 AM12:20:33 PM4:20
41026Fine Like Wine228:00:00 AM12:07:25 PM4:07
51072Old Lady/ Young Chick218:00:00 AM12:15:47 PM4:15
61021We R Adults208:00:00 AM11:58:26 AM3:58
71077ShaMary208:00:00 AM12:01:43 PM4:01
81027Sassy Sisters208:00:00 AM12:05:52 PM4:05
91016Meowtain Mamas198:00:00 AM11:49:16 AM3:49
101069Pretzels & Cheese188:00:00 AM11:46:06 AM3:46
111006Hakuna Matata188:00:00 AM11:50:07 AM3:50
121104blood, sweat, & beers178:00:00 AM11:47:40 AM3:47
131038F*** Cancer178:00:00 AM11:53:20 AM3:53
1410472 Tuff Teachers178:00:00 AM11:57:16 AM3:57
151042cat ninjas178:00:00 AM12:03:31 PM4:03
161097Rainbow Warriors178:00:00 AM12:34:14 PM4:34
171002Twisted Sisters158:00:00 AM11:42:28 AM3:42
181094Urban Ninjas158:00:00 AM12:13:23 PM4:13
191043Bad Busses138:00:00 AM11:48:36 AM3:48
201044Running scared138:00:00 AM11:54:01 AM3:54
211062SchradShenanigans8:00:00 AM
22110140 oz to Freedom8:00:00 AM
Elite Division: MALE/MALE
PlaceBib #Team Name# of CheckpointsStart TimeFinish TimeTotal Time
11008Two Steps Behind268:00:00 AM11:22:48 AM3:22
21126Team 1126268:00:00 AM11:34:20 AM3:34
31060Urchin Inventure Gays268:00:00 AM11:50:24 AM3:50
41011Temple Runners268:00:00 AM12:02:15 PM4:02
51041Two Tired Dads268:00:00 AM12:03:08 PM4:03
61074DT Travelers268:00:00 AM12:09:19 PM4:09
71035The Rivals by Dockside Night Club268:00:00 AM12:10:00 PM4:10
81013Muffin Tops268:00:00 AM12:10:55 PM4:10
91058Lantzers268:00:00 AM12:14:56 PM4:14
101091Aardvarks248:00:00 AM12:07:07 PM4:07
111054Lola-isms248:00:00 AM12:36:01 PM4:36
121051238:00:00 AM11:58:18 AM3:58
131096Adventures Hooray238:00:00 AM12:01:27 PM4:01
141046Bazinga238:00:00 AM12:18:22 PM4:18
151087Snake Eyes228:00:00 AM12:22:17 PM4:22
161033Team Brewski208:00:00 AM11:53:50 AM3:53
171034Rubber Chickens208:00:00 AM12:02:25 PM4:02
181103Danger Zone208:00:00 AM12:23:19 PM4:23
191022Shut up and get back to work198:00:00 AM11:36:14 AM3:36
201063urine my way198:00:00 AM11:54:08 AM3:54
211068House Boo-ya(ke)198:00:00 AM11:55:16 AM3:55
221090Merica178:00:00 AM12:10:34 PM4:10
231073Don't Sand a Chance 4178:00:00 AM12:23:41 PM4:23
241105The Futureists128:00:00 AM11:36:58 AM3:36
251048You Want Some?8:00:00 AM
261053Polar opposites8:00:00 AM
271088Dunder Mifflin8:00:00 AM
281098Dumb and DumberDNC#VALUE!
291030Temple Run8:00:00 AM