Frequently Asked Questions

What will my team be expected to do?

You will get to do some running, biking, paddling, and climbing, plus some other fun things you probably have never done before. Check out our highlight video to get a hint of what we’re all about.

Where does the race go?

There is no designated course for the event but participants should be prepared to explore all corners of the South Bend, Mishawaka, and Notre Dame areas.

What sorts of things slow teams down?

Lack of knowledge of the area, getting lost, not identifying Checkpoints properly and not completing challenges. Blown tires and other malfunctions put a damper on the day. Make sure you check out a map of the area, tune up before the race, and bring spare tubes!

Mountain Bike or Road Bike?

It’s up to you. Both will get you from point A to point B. Tandem bikes are also acceptable, but are probably harder to race on. No motors of any kind are allowed (unless it’s part of a checkpoint challenge).

What about Bike Security?

Bike locks are your choice. We will have (as always) designated Bike Parking zones at each checkpoint, but these will not necessarily be monitored by our volunteers. We have a Bike Security Zone, manned by volunteers before the start of the race but ultimately we are not responsible for damaged or lost bikes.

What’s appropriate attire?

Dress for an athletic event. Running shoes, wicking type clothing, and be ready to sweat. With the potential for a pool challenge, you are required to wear a bathing suit. Bike shorts and a sports bra are an acceptable substitute for pool attire. Street shorts and t-shirts are not acceptable for the pool challenge.

What technology can I use during the race and what is not allowed?

Legal –ask a stranger for directions, maps, and spying on other teams.

Illegal – transportation other than a bicycle (i.e. getting a ride from a friend, hitch hiking, cabs, buses, cops, fire trucks). Using motorized “bikes” or scooters, cheating in general, being a meanie and bribing race officials. Phones are also illegal (except in emergencies), including GPS devices of any type.

Can I race on a team by myself?

No, you must have a team of two. Need a teammate? Contact us and we will do our best to help.

Can I race on a team with 12 of my closest friends?

No, you must have a team of two. Families and groups of friends can travel together, but you must register in teams of two.

What do the winners bring home?

Since everyone who comes out to race is a winner, everyone who crosses the finish line gets a cool sparkly medal! The winners in each division get a free entry into next year’s race, bragging rights, and other awesome prizes to be determined. (Winners must be present at the Awards Ceremony. We will NOT be shipping prizes. Talk to us after the race if you think you placed but can’t stay for the party. But honestly, who doesn’t want to stay for an awesome party and possibly get some free beer??)

Where do we keep our stuff during the race?

The best place to store your belongings is in your car.

Where should my supporters/entourage watch from?

The  start and finish of the race is at the same location, so that may be a great place to watch from. You are free to have your entourage follow you, but there are many bike paths that are not next to a road. How about recruiting your entourage to race with you? Or to be volunteers on the course?

What happens at Team Check-in and do we all have to go?

Teams receive their SWAG bags (full of goodies), racing bib numbers, and scoring wristbands. At least one team member is required to check-in. Any teams unable to attend Team Check-in on Friday will be able to check-in in the morning before the race begins, but we strongly recommend coming on Friday. Team Check-in is also a great time to get last minute questions answered, check out our sponsors’ products and to meet the Urban Adventure Games crew. If no one from your team is able to make Team Check-in on Friday, please contact us.

What does my registration include?

• T-shirt (Registered shirt sizes not guaranteed for registrations after July 15th)
• Fun SWAG (aka free stuff)
• Cool shiny medals when you cross the finish line
• Post-race food and water
• Free beer after the race for racers of legal age (21+)

Can someone else race than registered for the event?

Yes, you can do a name change by contacting us before July 23, or at Friday’s Packet Pick-Up.

Are there refunds?

No, there are not. You may do a name change though.

What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine, the event will go on! The race director will send a message to Checkpoint leaders in the event of extreme weather conditions. Racers will stay at the Checkpoint until the race director communicates it is safe to proceed.

Can I bring my dog?

No, you don’t want Rover’s leash to get stuck in your bike spokes, do you? What if you fall off of your bike and the mini Schnauzer in your backpack gets smashed? Too hazardous.

Can I bring my own food/drink?

Yes, you may. You can also purchase food/drink from any restaurant, gas station, etc at any time as well. Food and drink will be available at the finish.

How many teams are expected?

Our goal is to have at least a total of 400 teams across 3 divisions.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely!  Please contact us at and we will point you in the right direction. Take a look at our Volunteer page for descriptions of our volunteer opportunities.

My company wants to sponsor. Is that possible?

Sure is!  Please contact us at and our people will call your people (aka someone will most definitely be in touch.)  Thanks for your support!

Do I have to wear matching or coordinated uniforms?

Nope. But you can take it to the next level and enter the optional Costume Contest. And c’mon here…. this isn’t Project Runway. Yet, the award goes to most creative.

What's this crazy Fly-By Pass that everyone is talking about?

Once again, teams will have the option to purchase a Fly-By Pass at check-in on Friday. This Pass will allow your team to “fly-by” and skip ONE checkpoint of your choice. You will turn it into the checkpoint captain of the checkpoint you want to skip and they will scan your wristband. Use it wisely, because you can only use it once! Passes will be available ONLY at check-in on Friday and for ONLY $20 (cash, check, or credit card… first born children will be considered as a method of payment, but only if they’re hard workers or really cute).

What if I have a not-so-frequently asked question?

Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.