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Fun Division Race Results

Fun Division

Click on one of the titles below to review the race results for that subdivision. To close section, simply click on the title again. Quickly find your team’s statistics by entering your team name in the search box to filter.

Rankings are based first upon the total number of checkpoints completed. In case of a tie, total time to complete race (ie: time to make it back to the finish line) is factored in.

Fun Division: COED
Bib #Team NameStart TimeEnd TimeTotal Time# of Checkpoints
3043Trippin Billies8:10:00 AM11:12:213:0222
3045Put A Bird On It8:10:00 AM11:30:183:2022
3013Bee-cycles8:10:00 AM11:55:203:4522
3003DustBuster B8:10:00 AM11:58:183:4822
3025Miller Men8:10:00 AM12:18:384:0822
3038Dominating Despains8:10:00 AM11:28:183:1821
3033Warren8:10:00 AM11:50:423:4021
3037BM Duo8:10:00 AM11:57:023:4721
3035High Anxiety18:10:00 AM11:57:103:4721
3006Nanu-Nanu!8:10:00 AM12:08:503:5821
3002Marco Polo8:10:00 AM12:30:484:2021
3012The Wine-ens8:10:00 AM11:57:503:4720
3014Team Barrett8:10:00 AM12:03:303:5320
3034MaurerPower8:10:00 AM12:03:353:5320
3015Rae & Riah8:10:00 AM12:07:153:5719
3047Alex & Blake8:10:00 AM12:23:344:1319
3081Nerenbergs8:10:00 AMN/AN/A19
3019The Outfit8:10:00 AM11:54:143:4418
3044CARB8:10:00 AM12:14:314:0418
3042Super Strong's8:10:00 AM11:55:223:4517
3036Goodzelli8:10:00 AM12:16:274:0612
3032Kelly8:10:00 AM11:58:403:4810
3026A derivative of potential to be reckoned with8:10:00 AM
3051Paul Squared8:10:00 AM
Bib #Team NameStart TimeEnd TimeTotal Time# of Checkpoints
3018Barbell Babes8:10:00 AM11:58:483:4822
3007Getting Round Tuit8:10:00 AM11:57:233:4721
3027jolly butt kickers8:10:00 AM11:57:093:4720
3010blank8:10:00 AM11:56:583:4619
3039Swolemates8:10:00 AM12:02:393:5219
3031Cool Team Name8:10:00 AM11:47:533:3718
3016Goonies8:10:00 AM11:48:483:3818
3048Elbel Elite8:10:00 AM11:55:043:4518
3030Urban Kitty Katz8:10:00 AM11:52:203:4217
3020Size Matters8:10:00 AM11:56:193:4617
3024Spokes Women8:10:00 AM11:48:533:3816
3028Glam Squad8:10:00 AM11:16:003:0615
3005Holy fit not again!8:10:00 AM11:48:383:3815
3029Under The Hill8:10:00 AM12:12:014:0213
3009Donut Worry, Be Happy8:10:00 AM11:16:513:0612
3004Mac 'n Cheese8:10:00 AM
3041TherePat8:10:00 AM
3001Shake N Bake8:10:00 AM
Fun Division: MALE/MALE
Bib #Team NameStart TimeEnd TimeTotal Time# of Checkpoints
3011Pangie8:10:00 AM11:30:133:2022
3046Team slingshot8:10:00 AM12:03:383:5322
3021Knights of Ni8:10:00 AM11:38:323:2821
3008TK28:10:00 AM11:56:523:4621
3052Team 30528:10:00 AM12:01:493:5121
3050Team Spartan8:10:00 AM11:48:473:3820
3040The Brofessors8:10:00 AM12:18:174:0820
3022Conrad racing8:10:00 AM11:46:173:3619
3083Team 30838:10:00 AM12:18:314:0819
3023Conrad racing b team8:10:00 AM11:46:173:3617
3080Team 30808:10:00 AM12:01:383:5111