What to Expect


Grab A Friend and Your Bike

Teams of two will compete for top spots in each of the divisions. In order to get between locations in the time allotted for the event, you will need a bike. Expect the distance to be part of the challenge and be sure to obey all traffic laws. View the full event rules below.


Surprising Challenges

During the race, your team will need to overcome many obstacles. Most obstacles will be planned by our committee and they will challenge your mind or body. Maybe both. However, there are things, like the weather, that we cannot control so be sure to come prepared.

View our list of recommended race gear below.


More questions?

We'd recommend reading our lists below first, but if you still have questions about the race or registration, visit our FAQs page.

Race Rules


  1. Teams of two are given a secret map of checkpoints that can be completed in any order to be considered for 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any race division.
  2. City streets ARE NOT blocked off, so racers must follow all traffic laws, signage and traffic lights. Disqualification will be immediate if disobeying any local or state traffic law
  3. Racers MUST mark their bikes so that they are identifiable as your own. The penalty for taking another racer’s bike is disqualification. 
  4. Teammates must check in together at each checkpoint, and if a checkpoint’s challenge requires both participants to complete a challenge, both must do so in order to receive credit for the checkpoint.
  5. Maps must be carried the entire race. Teams will only be issued one map so do not lose it.
  6. Race bibs must be worn on the outside of clothing at all times, except while rafting or on inflatable attractions.
  7. Racers are responsible for ensuring that you receive credit at each checkpoint that you complete.
  8. Bicycle helmets are required at all times while on a bicycle and when specifically directed by race officials for challenges.
  9. Racers must follow Rules of Travel as outlined in Course Instructions. Where no specific path is designated, teams select their path between check points. When instructions designate a specific route, teams must follow that path.
  10. Any team withdrawing from the race must notify a UAG Volunteer at a checkpoint or a UAG staff/committee member . Failing to notify race officials will result in that team being responsible for all search and rescue expenses.

Race Gear



  • Bicycle for each team member – road or mountain bike. Tandems are also acceptable, but are probably harder to race on. No motors of any kind are allowed!
  • Bicycle helmet for each team member
  • Swimsuit or bike shorts/sports bra


  • Athletic clothing that you do not mind getting messy (or wet!)
  • 1 cell phone (for emergencies only)
  • At least 1 bag per team (backpack, fanny pack, etc.)
  • Water bottles
  • Permanent / Dry Erase Marker for map
  • Small first aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby wipes / hand sanitizer
  • Bike tire repair kit and pump
  • Electrolyte tabs or gels
  • Matching outfit for costume contest (Optional)

 Dress for an athletic event. We recommend running shoes, wicking type clothing, and be ready to sweat. There WILL be pool/water challenges, and you are required to wear/bring appropriate attire. A swimsuit or bike shorts/sports bra are acceptable for pool attire. Street shorts and t-shirts are not acceptable to enter the pool challenges.